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Choosing a Kitten

Choosing a kitten is a big decision and if you or people close to you have allergies, Uff da!!! Thankfully not only are Siberians adorable but they are hyperallergenetic too! If this is a concern for you, we would be more then happy to send you a sample of fur from our King and Queen. As it is our desire is for our kitties to go to permanent, forever homes. 

When choosing a kitty, it is important to have a meet-and-greet as many people fall prey to scams. We provide this via Face Time. It is important to be able to see the kittens proof of life. When people send pictures or even if they send you a picture with a newspaper or paper with your name on it in the picture means nothing, as people have become very good at photoshopping. We are happy to schedule a Face Time with you anytime when we have kittens. You can see the kitties in live time ask questions and get immediate answers. When it is time to pick up your kitty, we can make arrangements for you to pick them up in person at our local police department or if the timing works, we can meet you part way at a local police department. We can also look into shipping your new kitty as well. Please keep in mind that all shipping and/or delivery fees, will be buyers' responsibility and MUST be paid beforehand. 

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