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Purchase Agreement 

We are so pleased you purchased a kitten from OFC-Oh, Fur Cute LLC! We have done our very best to provide you with a happy, healthy kitty! 


To reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure to disease, please bring your kitten directly home with you. Your kitten has not completed his/her vaccinations at this time. You will need to finish them with your veterinarian, at your cost, as your kitten ages.  


Your kitten is of excellent quality & is sold with a guarantee as follows:


This kitten is guaranteed to be healthy and free of disease at the time of purchase. Buyer has 72 hours (3 days) from the time of purchase to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian. The buyer is solely responsible for the cost of the examination. If the veterinarian feels this kitten is not represented as above, buyer may return the kitten, at buyers’ expense. A full refund of the purchase price will be returned to the buyer, provided there is specific written documentation from the veterinarian as to the problem and our veterinarian must concur with said documentation. All paperwork MUST also be returned to the seller at that time as well. We are not responsible for any parasites that may be present. We treat for those, but it is a well-known fact that kittens pick them up easily. Be sure to watch for runny stools as kitten can show this symptom after travel. Please take your kitten to the veterinarian if this should happen.


Should the kitten develop any life-threatening medical disorders during its first year of life, documentation of the defect must be provided by two unassociated licensed veterinarians, and be proven not environmental. If our veterinarian concurs with the documentation, the kitten will be replaced with a kitten of equal quality, when one becomes available.  NO refunds will be given. In the event your kitten is afflicted with the above condition, the kitten and thee registration papers MUST be returned to OFC prior to replacement. OFC will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred. Buyer is aware that owning a kitten means trips to the veterinarian and understands that all expenses/payments are their responsibility. Buyer will pay all shipping and miscellaneous charges associated with transport of both the kitten back to the seller and replacement kitten to buyer.

TICA Registration will be sent to the buyer after proof has been submitted to seller that the cat has been fixed. Examples of proof include: A bill with the veterinarian letterhead or a written statement from the veterinarian on letterhead stating the procedure has been done. We may contact the veterinary office to confirm.

This contract is in the jurisdiction of the state of Minnesota and the county of Cass. If there is a dispute, the place of venue shall be the same. We are not responsible for any vet bills that may incur with your kitten. Please keep up with medical records as this is very important for your kitten’s life to be a healthy one. The Sales Contract is non-transferable. Should BUYER relinquish ownership in the Kitten/Cat for any reason, this Sales Contract shall be deemed null and void.

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