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Research, research..... then do a little more research

English Bulldog puppy

When looking for an English Bulldog it is important to do a lot of research! Due to the high price tag, it is very easy to fall pry to scams.

Things to keep in mind:

      If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Keep in mind, a breeder needs to  purchase the female, pay the stud fee, hopefully have genetic testing done, lots of vet fees, most likely special food, C-section, registration fees for the new puppies, plus all the daily maintenance (a bulldog cannot even clean its own butt, guess who does that...)  This all costs thousands of dollars. Please be very careful and especially leery of anything under 3k.

       Ask for vet information. Clinic name & name of vet. Do NOT rely on the phone number or website the breeder/seller gives you. Look it up yourself and contact them that way.

       Face Time them. Do NOT rely on pictures. Even if they include a news paper, your name or whatever phrase you want them to write. If they continually make up excuses why they cannot face time, drop them.

       Don't be afraid to ask questions and expect the breeder to ask you questions as well. Good breeders want to know their pups are going to good homes.

       These pups are incredibly expensive to own. AKC Marketplace is a very inexpensive way to list registered puppies. So its a great place to find legitimate breeders. 

       If you put down a deposit, get a receipt. Even if its just a screenshot. 

       If your looking for a cheap dog, keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

Whether you buy a puppy from us or someone else, we hope this is helpful to you and you are able to find the perfect pooch to add to your family!

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